The imperfect is perfect.

When you look between the lines, past the obvious choice, the world really comes alive. There are stories everywhere. Stories that need to be told well. Let me tell yours.

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Every Picture Is A Lie

What is included determines what is remembered.

Every time I take a photo or a video, I am lying. It might seem that, unless I add some sort of filter or object in front of my lens, I am producing the most accurate truth I can. I am capturing an image, the very visual appearance of theRead More…

The Importance of Hearing

Sound design. Until recently, when I thought about sound design, I basically just thought of feature films and foley work. It was something that professional filmmakers did to enhance the drama in a scene. You know, adding the sound of boots clunking down a dark hallway, or a deep whooshingRead More…

Welcome! Everything looks different here.

One of my favorite quotes regarding storytelling is this: “Care about your subjects! Tell their story as if you’re the last person who will get that chance.” Take a look around you. There are hundreds of things and people around you. There are shadows and highlights. Smells and textures. AsRead More…

"Talent is hitting a target no one else can hit; Genius is hitting a target no one else can see."